tuesday march 9, 2021 – pacific art network #2 @clubhouse

pacific art network #2 – 10 years after 3.11 
on 9th march at 20:00 (jpt)/3:00 (pst) @Clubhouse
as one of the hirono/futaba gun surfers, i am going to join the talk “pacific art network #2 – 10 years after 3.11” on 9th march at 20:00 (jpt)/3:00 (pst), very gladly.
i have been immersing in surfing, quite hopelessly! but i haven’t think about the reason to this day. on this occasion, i will think about that and hope i can share it with you.
hosts: yukiko shikata, goro murayama, tsubasa kato
guest speakers: koretsune sakura, atsuko murano-abalos, kio griffith and more

「太平洋アートネットワーク#2 つながる水〜3.11から10年」@Clubhouse
3/9  20:00-22:00 (日本)/ 3:00-5:00 (PST)