open house: mokupoka vol.2

open house     sat 12 / sun 13 may, 2018
engawanoie presents MOKU-POKA vol. 2 & an ordinary weekend
mokumoku (with billowing smoke) & pokapoka (snuggly time)

  • an ordinary weekend at the engawanoie?
    surf in morning (if you want), lunch and nap, walk & see around of the engawanoie
    (beach, river, mountain etc..), fire up the grill and fun! wanna fishing? yes we can!
  • mokupoka thermie therapy by tokashiya san a.k.a natsuyo minami
    we recommend you to have an appointment for therapy
    appt.: natsuyo minami (japanese) or engawanoie (english)
  • after sunset on 12 may
    screening of the “mabutano ura gekijo” (theater of behind the eyelids)
    dinner around fire place
    and more ? your idea are much more appriciated!

– モクポカ VOL 2 & いつもの縁側の家の週末 –

  • 縁側の家周辺のいつもの週末
  • モクポカ
    とかしやさん温熱テルミー療法 をご希望の方は御予約をお願いいたします。
    とかしやさん a.k.a 南夏世 090-5648-0217 /
  • 暗くなってからのお楽しみ
    「まぶた のうら劇場」
    火を囲んでもぐごくがはは and more…