wednesday, april 28, 2021 – sjcc young professionals


swiss-japanese chamber of commerce / young professionals- lunch&learn: fukushima
on wednesday, april 28th, 2021 at 12:00 (cet) / 19:00 (jst)
talking about fukushima in public has been my great fear. obviously its a pandora’s box. can i left some in my box at the end, like pandra left hope in her box? i am not sure about taht…. but i would appreciate it if you could be a witness on my journey!
more info.: – sjcc –  registration: here

スイス日本商工会議所 young professionals- lunch&learn: fukushima
4/28(水)19:00 -(日本)/ 12:00 -(中央ヨーロッパ)
詳細: sjcc (オンライン開催・使用言語英語) 申込(無料): here



tuesday march 9, 2021 – pacific art network #2 @clubhouse

pacific art network #2 – 10 years after 3.11 
on 9th march at 20:00 (jpt)/3:00 (pst) @Clubhouse
as one of the hirono/futaba gun surfers, i am going to join the talk “pacific art network #2 – 10 years after 3.11” on 9th march at 20:00 (jpt)/3:00 (pst), very gladly.
i have been immersing in surfing, quite hopelessly! but i haven’t think about the reason to this day. on this occasion, i will think about that and hope i can share it with you.
hosts: yukiko shikata, goro murayama, tsubasa kato
guest speakers: koretsune sakura, atsuko murano-abalos, kio griffith and more

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Chixxs on Board-Summer Guide Magazin 2020

summer 2020
sommer guide 2020 © Chixxs on Board

very glad to be part of the summer guide magazine 2020 of “Chixxs on Board” ! huge thanks to my friend Sarah and the “Chixxs on Board”, I could proudly present my sweet hearts surf home “IWASAWA” and its community for the article “Einmal um die Welt” by Sarah. merci!

女性のための横乗り系プラットフォームChixxs on Board。その2020年サマー・ガイドマガジンの記事「世界でいつか」にて取り上げていただきました。バリで出会ったサーフ仲間、サラの寄稿による記事です。アイルランドのスライゴに住むエミリー、アフリカのケープタウンに住むレオニー、そして広野と東京に住む私との3名のサーフライフが紹介されています。私は大好きなホーム、岩沢と岩沢サーフコミュニティについてお話ししています。