“stone and makoto” – makoto fujiwara –

Stone and Makoto  designed by Andreas Schneider / published by Edition Patrick Frey
I had met Makoto Fujiwara, a Japanese sculptor only once before he pass away. Translating this huge project to document his work was like challenging to solve a riddle that Makoto left for fun. Every time I stumbled upon a difficult question, I saw his smiling face in my mind and I felt as if I were actually having a dialogue with him. Moreover, like a bonus point for a difficult question, each time an interesting back story came out from Andreas! It was a very happy time for me. I feel very honored to have been involved in the editing and translation of this project, which is fulled of love.

石と信」企画・編集・デザイン アンドレアス・シュナイダー / 出版 エディション・パトリック・フライ