28 november, icaios – public discussion series #91

Return to Surf in Post-Tsunami Aceh and Fukushima













Return to Surf in Post-Tsunami Aceh and Fukushim
Adam Doering | Lecturer at Wakayama University
Yuko Takahashi | Surfer from Fukushima
Sarani Pitor Pakan | Phd Writer at University of Otago, New Zealand
Monday, 28 November 2022 | 10.00 AM (Ache)/ 12.00 AM (Japan UTC + 9)
Anthony Reid Seminar Room, ICAIOS
Live on ICAIOS Facebook Page www.facebook.com/ICAIOSAceh

I am very honored to have been invited to participate in a public discussion session on “Return to Surf in Post-Tsunami Aceh and Fukushima” organized by ICAIOS, Icaios Aceh-International Center for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies and looking forward to sharing our stories with member of ICAIOS, Adam Doering, Sarani Pitor Pakan and YOU! Everyone is welcome, so please join us!

共に津波の被害に遭遇した過去を持つインドネシアのアチェと福島のサーフコミュニティ。アチェ・インド洋アチェ国際センター(ICAIOS)のトークセッション「再びサーフィンを – 津波の後で – アチェと福島」がFacebook のライブ配信で開催されます。アチェのみんなの活動からきっとインスピレーションをたくさん受けるはず、と私はとてもワクワクしています!私は、自分のサーフィン体験や縁側の家のこれからの夢などをお話しする予定です。月曜日の日中ですが、ぜひ参加いただけたらうれしいです!

日時 2022年11月28日12時~14時くらいまで(日本時間)
参加方法 ICAIOSのFacebook ページからライブ配信をご覧ください。

march 9 – 19, “umarekawaru” pascal viout photography @slope gallery

every time I say “the sea of fukushima” i feel a tingle, but that’s our strength, isn’t it?
like a tingle – chikkuri, chikkuri – I hope this beauty and story touches many people.

our friend, pascal is a french photographer who fell in love at first sight here and has been photographing ever since. that was in 2016 if i remember correctly, just a few weeks later he started a new life in Japan with his partner manon. today, in march of 2022, he is finally showing what he captured in fukushima at the slope gallery. together with the presentation of soichiro mihara’s “blank projects“, “umarekawaru” will be shown at the slope gallery until march 19.  how you can miss this opportunity?!!

soichiro mihara “blank projects” online exhibition  – viewing @slope gallery
period: march 9 – 19, 2022  (close sun./mon.)
venue: slope gallery (2-4-11-1f jingumae, shibuya-ku, tokyo)

umarekawaru – pascal viout



同時開催 –『空白に満ちた世界』三原聡一郎 viewing online show @slope gallery

会期:2022年3月9日(水) – 3月19日(土) (日・月休み)
会場:SLOPE GALLERY (東京都渋谷区神宮前2-4-11 Daiwa神宮前ビル1F – tel. 03-3405-0604)

umarekawaru – pascal viout










mokupoka vol.3

sat 22/ sun 23 September, 2018
engawanoie meets tokashiya san MOKU-POKA vol. 3
mokumoku (with billowing smoke) & pokapoka (snuggly time)

you can finally meet again with tokashiya san at engawanoie!
treatment fee: for try 10-15 min. 1,000 yen, treatment 60-90 min. 5,000 yen
please contact tokashiya san (natsuyo) for an appointment
by phone:090-5648-0217 or/and by email:minaminatsuyo@ymobile.ne.jp .2018年9月22日(土) & 9月23日
– モクポカ vol 3 – とかしやさんがやってくる!

とかしやさんの温熱テルミー療法はお試しも(部分的な体験テルミーは10分〜15分 1,000円)、しっかり時間をとっての治療(60分〜90分 5,000円)もできます。




when you went to beach in the middle of the night and didn’t back a while, we worried about you so much. but we know now why you went there.
you wait 6 minutes for one shoot in dark, so that your camera uncovers invisibility and shows you which you cannot capture by yourself. 
you must be excited to be in between of invisibility and visibility, andreas!
we can see it at n-o-w. me around the engawanoieif we want to know the location, just click a button. 
アンドレアスが見て聞いたものはこちら:n-o-w. me around the engawanoie
big arigato for andreas schneider