available on demand “VIVA here! listen to the voice of the land”

Too hot to go out? Then how about to watch the recorded video of our talk on July 16th “VIVA here, listen to the voice of the land!” at a comfortable place? (Please wait for a while the final version with the English and Japanese subtitles.)

video description
「ViVAここ、土地の声を聴け!- レアンドロさん、教えて「田舎未来主義宣言」って何ですか?」(2023年7月16日、@縁側の家)出演:レアンドロ・ピサノ(キュレーター、ライター、研究者)、四方幸子(キュレーター・批評家)、松谷容作(追手門学院大学社会学部教授)、高橋優子(縁側の家)。詳細はこちら
 “VIVA here! listen to the voice of the land – Leandro, what is the MANIFESTO OF RURAL FUTURISM”? (July 16, 2023, @engawanoie) Speakers: Leandro Pisano (curator, writer and independent researcher), Yukiko Shikata (curator, critic), Yosaku Matsutani (professor at otemon gakuin university), Yuko Takahashi (engawanoie) . more about the event: here

Also you can enjoy the photos of the exhibition ‘Energies in the Rural‘ at the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (photo by Leandro Pisano) which Leandro shows during the talk. Are you curious enough about the exhibition? It runs until September 24, 2023! Check more information about the exhibition: ACAC

“Energies in the Rural” exhibition at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, photos by Leandro Pisano

The MANIFESTO? Of course! マニュフェストはこちら→MANIFESTO OF RURAL FUTURISM /田舎未来主義宣言 (2019)

thank you for watching! stay cool and take care!