march 9 – 19, “umarekawaru” pascal viout photography @slope gallery

every time I say “the sea of fukushima” i feel a tingle, but that’s our strength, isn’t it?
like a tingle – chikkuri, chikkuri – I hope this beauty and story touches many people.

our friend, pascal is a french photographer who fell in love at first sight here and has been photographing ever since. that was in 2016 if i remember correctly, just a few weeks later he started a new life in Japan with his partner manon. today, in march of 2022, he is finally showing what he captured in fukushima at the slope gallery. together with the presentation of soichiro mihara’s “blank projects“, “umarekawaru” will be shown at the slope gallery until march 19.  how you can miss this opportunity?!!

soichiro mihara “blank projects” online exhibition  – viewing @slope gallery
period: march 9 – 19, 2022  (close sun./mon.)
venue: slope gallery (2-4-11-1f jingumae, shibuya-ku, tokyo)

umarekawaru – pascal viout



同時開催 –『空白に満ちた世界』三原聡一郎 viewing online show @slope gallery

会期:2022年3月9日(水) – 3月19日(土) (日・月休み)
会場:SLOPE GALLERY (東京都渋谷区神宮前2-4-11 Daiwa神宮前ビル1F – tel. 03-3405-0604)

umarekawaru – pascal viout










march 9 – 19, soichiro mihara “blank projects”- viewing online show@slope gallery

ボードカルチャーから発信される気分のいいアートとアートブックスを紹介するBueno!Books/slope galleryの森本由美さんからの久しぶりのお電話に、あまりにうれしくペラペラと近況をご報告。そうそう、由美さんすごいのですよ、三原聡一郎さんのアート作品が縁側の家に展示されているのですよ、と自慢をしたのは確か1月末のことです。あれよあれよという間にslope galleryが三原さんのオンライン展覧会「空白に満ちた世界」のビューイング会場となることが決まりました。

縁側の家に展示されている《  鈴》は、《空白のプロジェクト/blank project》4連作のひとつで、三原さんが2011年3月11日を契機に、テクノロジーと社会の関係性を考察するために発表してきたもの。福島県の浜通りにある縁側の家に《  鈴》がやって来たことで、三原さんがサーフィンを体験し、その体験を提供するイベント「3月11日に波に乗ろう」が行われる・・・この一連に共感した由美さんの応援企画なる「三原聡一郎オンライン展覧会『空白に満ちた世界』ビューイング@slope gallery」です。オンライン展覧会の可能性を問うプロジェクトに、にわかに登場したオンサイト・ビューイング会場。面白がってGOサインを出す三原さん、さすが。


『空白に満ちた世界』三原聡一郎 viewing online show @slope gallery
会期:2022年3月9日(水) – 3月19日(土) (日・月休み)
会場:SLOPE GALLERY (東京都渋谷区神宮前2-4-11 Daiwa神宮前ビル1F – tel. 03-3405-0604)

the online exhibition “blank projects” by soichiro mihara takes place online, which means you can visit it on your own devices whenever you want. here is an option: you can also visit the online exhibition on site at the slope gallery from march 9 to 19, where you will find the photo exhibition “umarekawaru” by pascal viot.

soichiro mihara “blank projects” online exhibition  – viewing@slope gallery
period: march 9 – 19, 2022  (close sun./mon.)
venue: slope gallery (2-4-11-1f jingumae, shibuya-ku, tokyo)

bell – soichiro mihara, photo by pascal viout





march 4 – 21, 2022 – online exhibition “blank project” by soichiro mihara

アーティストの三原聡一郎さんが「キュレーターの四方幸子さんから紹介されました」と美学者の松谷容作さんと共に縁側の家にふらりと来たのは2021年の3月のこと。縁側でお茶を飲んでいるうちに、三原さんの作品を縁側の家に設置することがするすると決まりました。そうして縁側の家にやってきた《  鈴》は、やけに落ち着き払って、見えないけれど確かにあるものの存在を知らせ続けてくれています。縁側の家の物語に寄りそう放射線や境界を、あまりにもそっけなくちーんとするクールなやつ。なんだ、案外、軽やかなんだなこの土地は。


三原聡一郎 オンライン展覧会『空白に満ちた世界』
日時 2022年3月4日(金)-  3月21日(月)
会場 (オンライン)

the blank to overcome /《を超える為の余白》
soichiro mihara《空白のプロジェクト/blank project 1》, 2013 撮影、三原聡一郎
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it was march 2021 when artist soichiro mihara and aesthete yosaku matsutani visited engawanoie and said, “i was introduced by curator yukiko shikata.” while we were having tea on the engawa (veranda), it was naturally decided to install mihara’s artwork in engawanoie. since the early summer of 2021, when it was actually installed, the “bell” has been quietly telling us about the existence of things we cannot see, but which are there. it rings, as it should, so casually that i feel that our narrative about this land is also as it should be.

the exhibition is streamed live (free/24 hours) from 15 venues including engawanoie.

soichiro mihara online exhibition “blank project”
date: friday, march 4, 2022 – monday, march 21, 2022.
venue (online):
info: kyoto art center

wednesday, april 28, 2021 – sjcc young professionals


swiss-japanese chamber of commerce / young professionals- lunch&learn: fukushima
on wednesday, april 28th, 2021 at 12:00 (cet) / 19:00 (jst)
talking about fukushima in public has been my great fear. obviously its a pandora’s box. can i left some in my box at the end, like pandra left hope in her box? i am not sure about taht…. but i would appreciate it if you could be a witness on my journey!
more info.: – sjcc –  registration: here

スイス日本商工会議所 young professionals- lunch&learn: fukushima
4/28(水)19:00 -(日本)/ 12:00 -(中央ヨーロッパ)
詳細: sjcc (オンライン開催・使用言語英語) 申込(無料): here



tuesday march 9, 2021 – pacific art network #2 @clubhouse

pacific art network #2 – 10 years after 3.11 
on 9th march at 20:00 (jpt)/3:00 (pst) @Clubhouse
as one of the hirono/futaba gun surfers, i am going to join the talk “pacific art network #2 – 10 years after 3.11” on 9th march at 20:00 (jpt)/3:00 (pst), very gladly.
i have been immersing in surfing, quite hopelessly! but i haven’t think about the reason to this day. on this occasion, i will think about that and hope i can share it with you.
hosts: yukiko shikata, goro murayama, tsubasa kato
guest speakers: koretsune sakura, atsuko murano-abalos, kio griffith and more

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Crazy Banana und Hot Dog by Alex Schauwecker

event news/live concert: saturday 7 september, 2019

今回は、近年の「crazy banana und hot dog(クレージーバナナ&ホットドック)」という名での音楽活動にフォーカス。ギターと歌のアコースティックライブを開催します!



アレックス・シャウヴェッカー (Alex Schauwecker)
link: Walfisch Studio Hakuin Verlag
instagram: @crazybananaundhotdog @dianosaurstufio @walfischstudio @hakuin_verlag

V4C engawanoie shooting night :Voyage for Change

V4C 縁側の家 撮影ナイト
ドキュメンタリー映画 Voyage for Change が縁側の家にやって来るよ。

ドキュメンタリー映画 Voyage for Change

監督について:フランスのドキュメンタリー作家でキュレーターのDIDIER BONNET。フランスのMEGACITY SHORTDOCS FILMFESTIVAL の創始者でもあります。

V4C 縁側の家 撮影ナイト 参加者

高橋 優子

V4C engawanoie shooting night
on the occasion of the japan project of the documentary film Voyage for Change
cook together eat together!
date: saturday, 20 april 2019 from 18h00
venue: engawanoie

documentary film Voyage for Change
This film is an adventure – a catalyst for inner transformation of young grown-ups alike; a trigger for positive actions of Hope & Change where teen protagonists take the lead.
The documentary Voyage for Change follows teens as they travel the world from Paris to Delhi, San Francisco, Tokyo – and other destinations. Meeting peers from different cultures and lifestyles, committed adults, changemakers and experts alike, they question the answers we grown-ups all too often have ready – immune to the simple and straight-forward challenges of those who will outlive us for many years.

director: DIDIER BONNET, acclaimed french documentarist/curator, creator of the international MEGACITY SHORTDOCS FILMFESTIVAL in FRANCE

participants at the engawanoie
– the main character, french boy
– four local students of ISEESCHOOL UCHIGO
– engawanoie friends

andreas m. schneider
coordinating a japan shooting part of this film. designer, found board member of IIDJ. frequently make a lecture/workshop on information design in the world.

yuko takahashi
a friend of andreas m. schneider.  organizer of engawanoie, a cultural platform in hamadori, fukushima prefecture. born and raised in hirono town. currently working in tokyo for culture and pr activities and back to hirono town on weekend.

mokupoka vol.3

sat 22/ sun 23 September, 2018
engawanoie meets tokashiya san MOKU-POKA vol. 3
mokumoku (with billowing smoke) & pokapoka (snuggly time)

you can finally meet again with tokashiya san at engawanoie!
treatment fee: for try 10-15 min. 1,000 yen, treatment 60-90 min. 5,000 yen
please contact tokashiya san (natsuyo) for an appointment
by phone:090-5648-0217 or/and by .2018年9月22日(土) & 9月23日
– モクポカ vol 3 – とかしやさんがやってくる!

とかしやさんの温熱テルミー療法はお試しも(部分的な体験テルミーは10分〜15分 1,000円)、しっかり時間をとっての治療(60分〜90分 5,000円)もできます。



open house: mokupoka vol.2

open house     sat 12 / sun 13 may, 2018
engawanoie presents MOKU-POKA vol. 2 & an ordinary weekend
mokumoku (with billowing smoke) & pokapoka (snuggly time)

  • an ordinary weekend at the engawanoie?
    surf in morning (if you want), lunch and nap, walk & see around of the engawanoie
    (beach, river, mountain etc..), fire up the grill and fun! wanna fishing? yes we can!
  • mokupoka thermie therapy by tokashiya san a.k.a natsuyo minami
    we recommend you to have an appointment for therapy
    appt.: natsuyo minami (japanese) or engawanoie (english)
  • after sunset on 12 may
    screening of the “mabutano ura gekijo” (theater of behind the eyelids)
    dinner around fire place
    and more ? your idea are much more appriciated!

– モクポカ VOL 2 & いつもの縁側の家の週末 –

  • 縁側の家周辺のいつもの週末
  • モクポカ
    とかしやさん温熱テルミー療法 をご希望の方は御予約をお願いいたします。
    とかしやさん a.k.a 南夏世 090-5648-0217 /
  • 暗くなってからのお楽しみ
    「まぶた のうら劇場」
    火を囲んでもぐごくがはは and more…