mokupoka vol.3

sat 22/ sun 23 September, 2018
engawanoie meets tokashiya san MOKU-POKA vol. 3
mokumoku (with billowing smoke) & pokapoka (snuggly time)

you can finally meet again with tokashiya san at engawanoie!
treatment fee: for try 10-15 min. 1,000 yen, treatment 60-90 min. 5,000 yen
please contact tokashiya san (natsuyo) for an appointment
by phone:090-5648-0217 or/and by .2018年9月22日(土) & 9月23日
– モクポカ vol 3 – とかしやさんがやってくる!

とかしやさんの温熱テルミー療法はお試しも(部分的な体験テルミーは10分〜15分 1,000円)、しっかり時間をとっての治療(60分〜90分 5,000円)もできます。



open house: mokupoka vol.2

open house     sat 12 / sun 13 may, 2018
engawanoie presents MOKU-POKA vol. 2 & an ordinary weekend
mokumoku (with billowing smoke) & pokapoka (snuggly time)

  • an ordinary weekend at the engawanoie?
    surf in morning (if you want), lunch and nap, walk & see around of the engawanoie
    (beach, river, mountain etc..), fire up the grill and fun! wanna fishing? yes we can!
  • mokupoka thermie therapy by tokashiya san a.k.a natsuyo minami
    we recommend you to have an appointment for therapy
    appt.: natsuyo minami (japanese) or engawanoie (english)
  • after sunset on 12 may
    screening of the “mabutano ura gekijo” (theater of behind the eyelids)
    dinner around fire place
    and more ? your idea are much more appriciated!

– モクポカ VOL 2 & いつもの縁側の家の週末 –

  • 縁側の家周辺のいつもの週末
  • モクポカ
    とかしやさん温熱テルミー療法 をご希望の方は御予約をお願いいたします。
    とかしやさん a.k.a 南夏世 090-5648-0217 /
  • 暗くなってからのお楽しみ
    「まぶた のうら劇場」
    火を囲んでもぐごくがはは and more…

when you went to beach in the middle of the night and didn’t back a while, we worried about you so much. but we know now why you went there.
you wait 6 minutes for one shoot in dark, so that your camera uncovers invisibility and shows you which you cannot capture by yourself. 
you must be excited to be in between of invisibility and visibility, andreas!
we can see it at n-o-w. me around the engawanoieif we want to know the location, just click a button. 
アンドレアスが見て聞いたものはこちら:n-o-w. me around the engawanoie
big arigato for andreas schneider

mokupoka vol.1

open house  sat 10 / sun 11  february, 2018
engawanoie meets tokashiya san
MOKU-POKA vol. 1
mokumoku (with billowing smoke) & pokapoka (snuggly time)
mokupoka menu
mokupoka 1: thermie therapy by natsuyo minami (tokashiya san)
mokupoka 2: irori fireplace
mokupoka 3: open a treasure box
mokupoka 4: dinner!!!
and more? your mokupoka idea are much more appreciated!
if you are interested in the thermie therapy of tokashiyasan, we recommend you to take an appointment with natsuyo.
(for try 10-15 min.: 1,000 yen, treatment 60-90 min.: 5,000 yen)

2月10日  13:00 ~    2月11日   ~ 16:00
モクポカ vol 1 – とかしやさんがやってくる!
– 温熱テルミー療法 で モクポカ!
– 囲炉裏を囲んで モクポカ!
– 玉手箱を開いて モクポカ!
– 夕方~ 焼いてパクッと モクポカ!
とかしやさんの温熱テルミー療法はお試しも(部分的な体験テルミーは10分〜15分 1,000円)、しっかり時間をとっての治療(60分90分 5,000円)もできます。