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we are pleased to present our brand new mini-catalog of the exhibition “at engawa” which contains artworks related to this land and environment. please experience it at the engawanoie!

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出展作家 / artists
アバロス村野敷子/ Atsuko Murano ABALOS
小宮りさ麻里奈 / Marina Lisa KOMIYA
バスカル・ヴィウ/ Pascal VIOUT
齊藤勇樹 (anltoya) / YukI SAITO (anitoya) @anitoya_production
高橋瑛 / Akira TAKAHASHI
三原聡一郎 / Soichiro MIHARA

This exhibition is co-organized with the research project “Design Practice for Contemporary Environmental Issues Starting from Catalogues Using Convost Ink” by Yosaku Matsutani, Otemon Gakuin University.

構成・デザイン・編集:三原聡一郎、 編集:松谷容作・高橋優子
mini catalog, 2023, lithograph printing, 5-color pattern
direction, design and editing: soichiro mihara, editing: yosaku matsutani and yuko takahashi

big thanks to soichiro and yosaku for all your support, encouragement and friendship!

wednesday, april 28, 2021 – sjcc young professionals


swiss-japanese chamber of commerce / young professionals- lunch&learn: fukushima
on wednesday, april 28th, 2021 at 12:00 (cet) / 19:00 (jst)
talking about fukushima in public has been my great fear. obviously its a pandora’s box. can i left some in my box at the end, like pandra left hope in her box? i am not sure about taht…. but i would appreciate it if you could be a witness on my journey!
more info.: – sjcc –  registration: here

スイス日本商工会議所 young professionals- lunch&learn: fukushima
4/28(水)19:00 -(日本)/ 12:00 -(中央ヨーロッパ)
詳細: sjcc (オンライン開催・使用言語英語) 申込(無料): here

when you went to beach in the middle of the night and didn’t back a while, we worried about you so much. but we know now why you went there.
you wait 6 minutes for one shoot in dark, so that your camera uncovers invisibility and shows you which you cannot capture by yourself. 
you must be excited to be in between of invisibility and visibility, andreas!
we can see it at n-o-w. me around the engawanoieif we want to know the location, just click a button. 
アンドレアスが見て聞いたものはこちら:n-o-w. me around the engawanoie
big arigato for andreas schneider