invitation to two events on march 11, 2023
a cultural platform based in ocean side of fukushima prefecture
hello & invitation from engawanoie - two events on march 11, 2023


The Spacecraft Diaries 230114 (IFukushima, Engawa no ie) by Hirofumi Nakamoto

[event 1] 3月11日に波に乗ろう 2023
前回の様子:3月11日に波に乗ろう (2022) by 岩崎孝正
今回の下見:日記映画 3月11日に波に乗ろう・下見(福島県・縁側の家)by 仲本拡史

more about the event

[event 1] riding the waves on march 11, 2023
i can not describe clearly about the event. this is kind an art but also an surf project, something in-between. and i like it - that's what we are. we, who live every day desperately, meet on march 11 at the engawanoie, where it stands in between. and we surf, eat together, that's all. sounds good to you? then come and join us!

- documentary of the day: march 11 (video, 2022) by takamasa iwasaki
- the spacecraft diaries january 14, 2023 by hirofumi nakamoto
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organizers: soichiro mihara, yosaku matsutani, engawanoie

the spacecraft diaries 230114 by hirofumi nakamoto
exhibition - at engawa

[event 2] 展覧会 「縁側にて」

会期:2023年3月11日 11:00 - 18:00


more about the exhibition

[event 2] exhibition "at engawa"
the engawanoie stands on a land which is clearly defined "here" and "there" by a line on the map. this one day exhibition "at engawa" invite you to reflect on borders, sharing and body. we look forward to welcoming you at engawa, a place witnessed the daily life of this land.

date:march 11, 2023, 11:00 - 18:00
artists:marina komiyaatsuko murano abalospascal viout,soichiro mihara
movie documentation:hirofumi nakamoto
organizers:soichiro mihara, yosaku matsutani

*free entry, everyone is welcome!

spring is almost here. take care and talk soon! 

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