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we are pleased to present our brand new mini-catalog of the exhibition “at engawa” which contains artworks related to this land and environment. please experience it at the engawanoie!

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出展作家 / artists
アバロス村野敷子/ Atsuko Murano ABALOS
小宮りさ麻里奈 / Marina Lisa KOMIYA
バスカル・ヴィウ/ Pascal VIOUT
齊藤勇樹 (anltoya) / YukI SAITO (anitoya) @anitoya_production
高橋瑛 / Akira TAKAHASHI
三原聡一郎 / Soichiro MIHARA

This exhibition is co-organized with the research project “Design Practice for Contemporary Environmental Issues Starting from Catalogues Using Convost Ink” by Yosaku Matsutani, Otemon Gakuin University.

構成・デザイン・編集:三原聡一郎、 編集:松谷容作・高橋優子
mini catalog, 2023, lithograph printing, 5-color pattern
direction, design and editing: soichiro mihara, editing: yosaku matsutani and yuko takahashi

big thanks to soichiro and yosaku for all your support, encouragement and friendship!

march 11, 2023 – exhibition “at engawa”

[events announcement – around march 11, 2023]

The Spacecraft Diaries 230114 (IFukushima, Engawa no ie) by Hirofumi Nakamoto
The Spacecraft Diaries 230114 (IFukushima, Engawa no ie) by Hirofumi Nakamoto

exhibition “at engawa”
– concurrent with “riding the waves on march 11”
the engawanoie stands on a land which is clearly defined “here” and “there” by a line on the map. this one day exhibition “at engawa” invite you to reflect on shifting borders, sharing and body. we look forward to welcoming you with art works at “engawa”, a place witnessed the daily life of this land.
date/time: march 11, 2023, from 11:00 to 18:00
venue: engawanoie
artists: marina komiya, atsuko murano abalospascal viout, soichiro mihara
movie documentation: hirofumi nakamoto organizers: soichiro mihara, yosaku matsutani

watch the diary film by hirofumi nakamoto – engawanoie visits for the event on march 11, 2023

「3月11日に波に乗ろう」同時開催  展覧会「縁側にて」
出品作家:小宮麻里奈村野アバロス敦子pascal viout 三原聡一郎